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Teens: The Perfect Stimulation For Your Teenagers!

Teens is a new online English conversation program designed for teenagers around the world who are trying to improve their spoken English. With a minimal financial commitment each month a participant can have a daily opportunity to speak both with a native English teacher as well as meeting and discussing topics of mutual interest with other young people in small online groups. A monthly private one to one lesson with a teacher will help secure the language gains made during the month, covering any school homework issues or grammar questions and setting goals for the following month.

A Complete Solution

Unlimited Group Sessions

Small groups of maximum 6 students in our virtual classroom. Different topics will be covered to allow yours teenagers to practice their English, expand their vocabulary, get acquainted with Anglo-Saxon culture for academic achievement and personal development.

Private Tutoring

Fine-tuning your learning with a monthly 1-to-1 session online with one of our teachers (possibility to use them as an intensive course for the holidays for example).

Grammar Review

A grammar Q&A virtual class will be held on a weekly basis to explain different grammar rules.

Homework Help

Students will have the possibility to ask questions about their homework in the Homework Q&A sessions.

Our Online Group Classes

Book Club

For regular students a book club where their progress reading a book of their choice is followed on a week to week basis


The classes would cover a wide range of the anglo-saxon culture through TV, movies, music, art and sport

World News

A summary of the major items of news for the week internationally and for the student to report on a story from their country

Science and Technology

Share and discuss new inventions, scientific discoveries and theories of progress.

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